In the past few years, we have gone from using phones purely for communication to practically relying on them to run different aspects of our daily lives. Of course, the biggest difference is that back then, phones were little more than corded chat devices. Now? They’re pocket-sized computers.

Technology has definitely undergone a dramatic change over the past two decades. It’s become far more practical and far more accessible to the average consumer. As a result, smart home solutions have steadily risen in popularity among homeowners. In fact, we would argue that a smart home is quickly becoming the norm.

Below are six of the top smart home solutions you need to watch out for this year:

KitchenAid Smart Display

Home chefs will certainly love the KitchenAid Smart Display. This smart kitchen companion features Google Assistant, making it easier for you to browse through online cooking tutorials, order groceries, or find a new recipe fast. One of the best things about this device also happens to be its durability. Thanks to its IPX-5 water resistance rating, you can wash it off under running water without ruining the device.

Alexa-Powered Kitchen Appliances

AI-powered appliances are becoming a hot trend right now in smart home solutions. This group of highly-intelligent home products can make different everyday tasks much easier for you. For instance, you can add different things to the shopping list through your fridge, or even order food directly from it if you’re running out of specific food items.

Smart Mirrors

Kohler is a brand that offers an Alexa-powered smart mirror. This device allows you to do a range of things with the mirror just by using your voice. You can control other smart home gadgets while using the mirror, or simply adjust the mirror’s lighting. The brand will release its new line of smart mirrors that have speakers and voice-activated night lights later this year.



Top 6 Smart Home Solutions to Watch Out for in 20191Roughly the size of a smoke detector, RoomMe produces a sensor network throughout your home that lets users create personalized profiles for each household member. And because the sensors communicate through Bluetooth Low Energy, you don’t have to worry about your private data being shared to third parties.

FoldiMate Automatic Laundry Folding Robot

Most people spend a lot of time sorting and folding clothes. This device wants to change that. FoldiMate is a prototype machine—expected to have a retail version later this year—that takes any kind of garment and folds them into a neat pile. Definitely one of the highly anticipated smart home solutions, it is said to handle all sizes of clothes, from children’s apparel to XXL. It can also be used for towels and pillowcases.

Yale Assure Smart Lever Lock

With this device, you no longer have to use a key to enter your home. It is also tamper-proof to help protect your property. Two versions of this smart home lock will be available: a keypad version and one with a capacitive touch screen. The Assure Lever can also be linked to your smart home system through the use of a Yale Smart Module.

This 2019, the market will surely be riddled with smart home solutions that will offer excellent functionalities for your living space. But take note: not all of them will improve your home’s energy efficiency, your security, your sanity, or your bank account. Be sure to do your research first before investing on a high-tech home assistant or any other smart home product to make sure you’re getting more bang for the buck.

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