3 Smart Home Solutions Every Homeowner Should Have

Regardless of whether you’re tech-savvy or a bit behind the times, a smart home is something anyone can benefit from. You have a wide range of brands to choose from, a varied selection of available integrations, and so many different aspects of your home that can be upgraded and improved with new devices.

But how does one go about implementing smart home solutions? Check out these must-have technologies all ultramodern smart homes can’t do without!


When talking about smart home security and safety, most homeowners probably think about smart locks, security cameras, and smoke detectors. However, a lot has changed over the years. Security tech now deals with cyber threats almost as much as it deals with physical real-life hazards.

Information risks like hackers and cybercriminals are just as serious a threat as robbers and petty thieves. These people can use your devices to spy on your home. In extreme cases, they can even use these digital avenues to steal your money or identity. While it may sound like something you see in the movies, it’s a real problem.

Thankfully, security tech advancements from brands like Kidde,SimpliSafe, and Vivint have strengthened smart home security against information and data threats, effectively keeping any personal information saved on smart devices safe from unauthorized access.


3 Smart Home Solutions Every Homeowner Should HaveToday, most smart home solutions involve some sort of intuitive or fully-programmable lighting. There are a lot of awesome applications and smart technologies available on the market for this. Most of them grant you incredible control over your lighting, all from the ease and comfort of your smartphone. You can set the colors, control the brightness, program them to turn on or off at certain times or under certain conditions, turn them on or off even when you’re not at home … the options are endless!

If you have the right system, smart lighting allows you to be creative and set the mood of your home for maximum comfort or entertainment. On the practical side, it also helps you save energy. For colored lighting, you can choose from popular brands such as Philips Hue, Lutron, and Insteon. For affordable, family-friendly options that are incredibly high quality, Cree and Sylvania are great picks.


There’s probably a smart-tech version of any appliance you can think of on the market. In fact, leading appliance brands seem to perfectly happy putting out smart versions of their standard household models every month. There are smart home solutions for everything from your thermostat to your kitchen sink. In fact, here are a couple of ultramodern smart tech that are already out:

  • A stove that can keep your meal cooking and notify you when it’s done
  • Refrigerators that alert you when they’re left open, monitor food items inside for spoilage, and doors that become transparent when you touch them
  • A dishwasher that tracks any area that is already cleaned, making it highly energy efficient
  • A washing machine that keeps tumbling wet clothes if you unintentionally leave them overnight to maintain freshness

Get the Most Value from Your Smart Home

The best way to maximize your return on investment for your smart home is careful planning and thoroughly consulting with professionals. You’ll also need to discuss your plans with a technician, as you’ll need to confirm the flexibility and reliability of your home’s wiring structure.

If you’re ready to make the big switch over to smart home solutions, Power on Solar is ready to help you every step of the way. Discover how our certified technicians can guide you through the process of implementing and maximizing the long-term benefits of your smart home.

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